Broadway Zoom Camp

Come one, come all!

(including ADULTS!)

Theatre may not be deemed “essential”, but we can agree to disagree on that.

Broadway Zoom Camp, however, will work with you on some  of the “essentials” that all

actors need.

You will leave this 8-week course with ALL of the following:

1. Comedic Monologue

2. Dramatic Monologue

3. Uptempo Song

(opportunity for a 16-32 bar song with audition cuts clearly marked)

4. Ballad or Legit Song

(opportunity for a 16-32 bar song with audition cuts clearly marked)

5. Resume

(includes a 15-20 minute 1-on-1 session with Artistic Director, Jeremy Lucas to ‘perfect’ or create your resume)


If you already have all of these items, expand your book and repertoire with new material…

Additionally, all actors will work on a partnered scene throughout the session.


Optional culminating showcase will be performed live at Jaxx’s Theatre or Via Zoom Screening Party on Friday, June 26th.


Placement Auditons: May 1st

90-minute classes start the week of May 3rd


You help choose the dates & times of the classes!

When you register, be sure to list ALL available days:

Sunday through Satruday

Choose from all of these available class times:

1-2:30PM, 2-3:30PM, 3-4:30PM, 4-5:30PM, 5-6:30PM, 6-7:30PM 7-8:30PM, 8-9:30PM


We will do our best to place participants with others in their age/skill level.

Classes will have no more than 10 students per class in ONE designated weekly scheduled 90-minute class.

The more time you have available, the easier that will be for us to assemble classes. Your flexibility is appreciated.



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Camps & Classes

Camps & Classes