Tech week is the exciting week that all of the design and technical elements of the production are introduced. Students are introduced to and begin working with:

  • Props
  • The Set
  • Costumes
  • Lighting
  • Sound

These elements take additional time, which is why we see our students longer each day during tech. Quite often, a different aspect is introduced each day, which is why attendance is of the utmost importance this week.


Exact schedule may be found in the calendar section on Jaxx’s webpage for your school. We have class rehearsals everyday of tech week right after school until about 5:30-6:30pm. Some sites may vary.


During TECH WEEK students monitor his/her own snack/water/bathroom breaks with the help of the Jaxx staff. Each student has plenty of time to take breaks without missing any entrances or exits. Please make sure you pack extra snacks & water for your students for class rehearsals throughout tech week.


Tech week is the point in the production process when things are hopefully running smoothly. We explain to our students that it is a good idea to be ready to open the show our last class rehearsal before tech week. Please review all singing (including BACKGROUND VOCALS), choreography, and of course, do not lose sight of all of your dialogue and cue lines.

BLACK SHOES (Needed everyday of TECH WEEK)

All cast members need to wear Jaxx approved ALL BLACK shoes. No insignia or other color may be on the shoe–Shiny, sparkles, glitter, etc. are all fine, as long as the shoes are all black.

For West Valley students - Pas de Deux Dancewear in Agoura Hills offers 20% off to Jaxx students, if we give you your name, in advance. Dancer's Wearhouse

For LA students - Danny’s Warehouse sells all its dance items for $10 and under.

Payless Shoes also has good, affordable options.


Please provide your student with black, white, or flesh colored undergarments that allow the freedom and ease to change costumes anywhere. Camisoles, tank tops, or t-shirts work well on top, and form fitting shorts on the bottom that will look okay underneath costumes. No long sleeves or leggings. You will be notified if we have a distinct color request for your student’s undergarments.

It is difficult to do costume fittings and/or wear microphones if your student is not wearing the appropriate undergarments. Thank you for your support.


Tickets for most productions are available at: www.showclix.com/event/“your site’s two letter initial” followed by the “show title”

Example: www.showclix.com/event/gdhairspray


All commemorative merchandise and program dedications or business ads may be purchased under the ‘Show Merchandise’ link located on the Jaxx webpage for your site.


Water, baked goods, & assorted treats are available pre-show, at intermission, and post-show at most of our performances. You can help raise money for Jaxx by donating baked goods (homemade or purchased), bottled water, and other quick snacks for our concessions tables. Delivery may be made during the class rehearsal before the performance. All baked goods need to be portioned and wrapped in reasonable $2 portion sizes.

All Commemorative Merchandise, Concessions, Program Dedications, Gift-o-Grams, & Ticket sales are a crucial financial component to our organization. All proceeds made go directly toward Jaxx’s Arts Education programs, specifically to help offset the cost of the production and keep tuition affordable. Jaxx Theatricals, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit full inclusion arts education organization.


We are so grateful to everyone for their help with our shows. Working with your student at home, volunteering time, donating money, showing your student that you support their efforts as they learn the discipline it takes to be a performer and the joy they experience in performing for others is all so very important. We love working with our students, watching them grow, and seeing them having the times of their lives on stage! THANK YOU for being a part of the Jaxx family!

Porter Ranch Community School

Porter Ranch Community School