“Heavenly is very passionate about theatre and the Jaxx Educational Theatre School is giving her a great outlet for that love.

Rodney and Joy appreciate Jaxx and the work they are doing with their daughter. Because they’re in the music business, it’s really important to them who is working with their daughter and how they are working with her. Joy had absolutely glowing descriptions of the way they have nurtured Heavenly; how they encourage self-esteem and confidence. She says they “help make better singers and stronger actors onstage”. She highly recommends Jaxx to families with children, even young children.

Heavenly has participated in three theatre productions put on by Jaxx; Charlie Brown, Frozen and Aladdin, and is now in rehearsals for The Sound of Music. Joy describes how Heavenly pushed herself to learn to read because she wanted to be Genie in Aladdin. She quickly became a strong enough reader to land the part.”