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"Heavenly is very passionate about theatre and the Jaxx Educational Theatre School is giving her a great outlet for that love.

Rodney and Joy appreciate Jaxx and the work they are doing with their daughter. Because they're in the music business, it's really important to them who is working with their daughter and how they are working with her. Joy had absolutely glowing descriptions of the way they have nurtured Heavenly; how they encourage self-esteem and confidence. She says they "help make better singers and stronger actors onstage". She highly recommends Jaxx to families with children, even young children.

Heavenly has participated in three theatre productions put on by Jaxx; Charlie Brown, Frozen and Aladdin, and is now in rehearsals for The Sound of Music. Joy describes how Heavenly pushed herself to learn to read because she wanted to be Genie in Aladdin. She quickly became a strong enough reader to land the part."

Joy & Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Musicians

"I was in theatre in NYC for over a decade, studied with THE BEST, had the privilege of working with three of the most renowned acting teachers out there…and I have never seen anything as great as JAXX for kids. They are so unilaterally supportive of every child…they bring music, creativity, playfulness, discipline, insight and responsibility to the kids while making it so fun and appealing, the kids are begging for more. JAXX has proven itself to be a winner."

Donna Jason, Writer

"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your adventure. I am so proud to be associated with your projects. You both should be so excited and satisfied with what you accomplished. Ultimately, you introduced kids and their community to not only great theatre but responsibility, deadlines and amazing accolades. Their lives will never be the same. I’m sure you can remember your early theatre experiences. I remember mine. I carry them with me and carried them to this performance.

Keep up the amazing work and know that I will always be a resource for you and a helping hand.

P.S. Of course, you have changed Julia’s life. I am so grateful for the opportunity you gave her. Thank you."

Todd Schroeder, Composer & Music Director
"I had the VERY REAL pleasure of seeing the Jaxx Theatricals Musical theatre School summer show last night. What a well directed, choreographed and musically directed show it was! Beautifully done! Every child in the show had clearly been taught to treat this art form with extreme precision while always having fun and being themselves! The children ALL worked as an ensemble, no hamming it up and no ‘stars’. It was moving and delightful! Very impressive…everybody!!! This was not about individually talented kids, although they were certainly there, this was about those kids no matter their age being right where they were with everything they had learned this Summer and happily owning it all. Yes! This is the group I will recommend from now on for children who want to learn musical theatre in LA. They are a non profit company working within the school districts challenging and inspiring kids in musical theatre! Check out the awesome work they are doing and pass this along."  
Laura Henry, Laura Henry Acting Studio Founder
"OK, sorry, but I have just have to say again how much I loved the show and how I think this is such an incredible program for our kids! First of all, there are just some great performances by some really talented kids (how is it that Pauline is not in chorus?)! Then, I love how even though you are working with kids, there is still a real “excellence” about what you are doing. And best of all is that there is place for everyone to be a star!! You did such a great job of mixing things up and giving all of them a chance to take risks and put themselves out there and be performers!! And the age range makes it that much better. Josh has always been a performer, so the risking and confidence thing is not much of a stretch in his case. But what he does get to learn (which he has needed BADLY) is that excellent performing includes discipline and teamwork and that leading means sometimes supporting someone else in being the star. I cannot say enough about how important I think the work is that you are doing and I am thrilled that you seem to be gaining some momentum. I have talked to both the choral and drama teachers at Hoover and I really want to get you working together with them soon so that your programs really begin to support each other. Bravo and encore and I can’t wait for the next one!! Thanks so much for how hard you work to teach these kids such important stuff!"
Chris Walters, GUSD School Board President