Chris Walters, GUSD School Board President

OK, sorry, but I have just have to say again how much I loved the show and how I think this is such an incredible program for our kids! First of all, there are just some great performances by some really talented kids (how is it that Pauline is not in chorus?)! Then, I love how even though you are working with kids, there is still a real “excellence” about what you are doing. And best of all is that there is place for everyone to be a star!! You did such a great job of mixing things up and giving all of them a chance to take risks and put themselves out there and be performers!! And the age range makes it that much better.

Josh has always been a peformer, so the risking and confidence thing is not much of a stretch in his case. But what he does get to learn (which he has needed BADLY) is that excellent performing includes discipline and teamwork and that leading means sometimes supporting someone else in being the star.

I can not say enough about how important I think the work is that you are doing and I am thrilled that you seem to be gaining some momentum. I have talked to both the choral and drama teachers at Hoover and I really want to get you working together with them soon so that your programs really begin to support each other.

Bravo and encore and I can’t wait for the next one!! Thanks so much for how hard you work to teach these kids such important stuff!

Laura Henry, Laura Henry Acting Studio Founder

I had the VERY REAL pleasure of seeing the Jaxx Theatricals Musical Theater School summer show last night. What a well directed, choreographed and musically directed show it was! Beautifully done!

Every child in the show had clearly been taught to treat this art form with extreme precision while always having fun and being themselves! The children ALL worked as an ensemble, no hamming it up and no ‘stars’. It was moving and delightful! Very impressive…everybody!!! This was not about individually talented kids, although they were certainly there, this was about those kids no matter their age being right where they were with everything they had learned this Summer and happily owning it all. Yes! This is the group I will recommend from now for children who want to learn musical theater in LA. They are a non profit company working within the school districts challenging and inspiring kids in musical theater! Check out the awesome work they are doing and pass this along.

Dr. Mary Mason, Ed. D

It was such an awesome show with 2 nights of fantastic audience turn out and participation — Our kids were fabulous –Thank you for all your efforts in bringing musical theater to our schools!!

Sandy Alexander, Parent

Thank YOU so much for making all of the kids feel like stars! I am still in awe of how you get all that done!!! It was a fabulous show and we feel so honored to be a part of it! We love YOU!!! Have a beautiful weekend….!

Jen Avery, Parent

We worked with Alison all week on her song and she danced around and sang w/confidence, of course without the comforts of home it is a totally different story! I am glad she made it through, these performances and your guidance really help them in all aspects of their lives!

Blaine Baggett, Parent

Last night the thought occurred to me very nearly on in the first act that the two of you are doing, as we would say back home, ‘the Lord’s work.’ What an enriching experience you are giving these children with memories that will be with them always. They – and we parents – are so fortunate to have you in our lives. Thank you.

Dr. Paula Nelson, Ed. D

You guys and your program are wonderful. I am more than happy to have your program and will support it.

You don’t need my words….you could just look at my face on Thursday day and Thursday night! WOW!

I am living the interest in your program. It was hard to explain to my daughter why I can’t drive back to Santa Clarita every afternoon to pick her up so that she can participate in your program. So now her plan is to work on how she can get her nanny to drive her. I’ll keep you posted!

You guys rock!!! Thank you for having the passion to do this.

Terri Cox-Glassen, Parent

Thank you so much for all the time, support, energy and role-modeling [that] you, Tina and Jeremy provide the kids. I feel so blessed to have your positive influence on Kai and Gabi! You are both very special and working with these kids and building such confidence is such important work!

Todd Dietschak, Parent

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your adventure. I am so proud to be associated with your project. You both should be so excited and satisfied with what you accomplished. Ultimately, you introduced kids and their community to not only great theater but responsibility, deadlines and amazing accolades. Their lives will never be the same. I’m sure you can remember your early theater experiences. I remember mine. I carry them with me and carried them to this performance.

Keep up the amazing work and know that I will always be a resource for you and a helping hand.

P.S. Of course, you have changed Julia’s life. I am so grateful for the opportunity you gave her. Thank you.

Nicole French, Parent

Are you kidding?  Of course we choose JETS!!!  You’re THE BEST!

Kathy Cuza, Parent

I did not want to bother you but I wanted you and Jeremy to know that Carmen woke up this morning and  wanted to go to rehearsal. I had to explain to her again that the show was over and she understood but knows about the Alex Theater and hoped that practice would resume as scheduled. Thanks again for having a huge positive influence on my daughter.

Denise and George Grubb, Parents

Thank you for all of your hard work. Tuesday’s performance was fantastic and Jake and Tyler had a great time. We feel very fortunate our children have had the opportunities to participate in your programs and we really appreciate your time and effort.

Donna Jason, Parent

I was in theatre in NYC for over a decade, studied with THE BEST, had the privilege of working with three of the most renowned acting teachers out there…and I have never seen anything as great as JAXX for kids. They are so unilaterally supportive of every child…they bring music, creativity, playfulness, discipline, insight and responsibility to the kids while making it so fun and appealing, the kids are begging for more. JAXX has proven itself to be a winner.

Patty King, Parent

This has been a FABULOUS experience for Katy! Thank you so much for everything! We enjoyed the show. It had so much heart and we watched most of it through tears of delight.

Rebecca Lister, Parent

I am writing this letter for my daughter Felicia Lister. She is interested in applying for the Elizabeth Langworthy Scholarship. This was Felicia’s first experience in musical theater and she has told me that she enjoyed this program so much and that she wanted to continue performing. As a parent I really was surprised at how she grew as a person. In her many years at Keppel Felicia struggled to find that right place, that place where she felt a part of, and where she fit in. In her transition from her 5th grade placement to mainstream in 6th grade it was a challenge that she met head on. What I noticed since joining your program is that she has the confidence to sing in the streets. I also believe this program will give her the opportunity to make the right connections with others at her new school.

I remember how highly Carol spoke of this program. How she felt Elizabeth grew as a person. I am so very glad that we finally had the opportunity to be a part of your program. The way that your program supports children in learning is incredible.

Stephanie Lubin, Parent

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an amazing show!!! My daughter Alexis has never been in any shows outside of school before this, and I was so proud of her! I was so worried that she was sick and would miss the show and I’m so glad everything worked out. I’ve never seen her focus and try so hard to do anything like this before. Thank you for helping to bring that out in her. Also thank you for recognizing her potential and giving her a few singing lines! It was really good for her confidence. There was so much talent in that show and I’m glad we were a part of it.

HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY and I will see you in the new year!!!

Mary Manofsky, Parent

Just wanted to thank you again for such a great show! It was such a delight to watch, and the kids really looked like they were having the best time.

Thanks for making it such a fun and positive experience for them. It means so much to know that their time with you guys has been such a joyful one! Claire speaks very highly of you both. She had some “post show” blues last night and was crying and saying “I miss Jeremy and Miss Baldwin already!”

All of your hard work is TRULY appreciated!

Errina & Ian Mercer, parents

Just wanted to say thank you so much for trusting Lola with the role of Jasmine. She’s over the moon.
She’d been doing musicals since she was three back in London, but never really had the inclination to show people how talented she is until we came over to the States and got involved in your program. So, thank you very much for helping her develop and shape her confidence and skills into what she has now. We are so grateful. She told me the only thing that made her sad about leaving [school] is the fact that she won’t be able able to do your programs anymore once she’s at [her new school], and she complained about it enough times in a true drama queen fashion! 🙂 Anyway, thank you again and hopefully you’ll consider having your program at [her new school] in the near future!
Errina & Ian

Scott Merrin, Parent

Just a brief note of sincere gratitude for giving Kate an opportunity to shine. She had the time of her life and is going through extreme withdrawal now. So happy but so sad it’s over.

You did a terrific job! Thanks again.

Michele Morgan, Parent

I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for such a spectacular production. The kids worked hard and you are tireless, passionate and very talented – and very appreciated. Walker absolutely adores you and has clearly been bitten. So much so that he performed with a fever of 101 – even at his young age he knows the show must go on!

Thank you for all that you are doing with the kids. My son is dancing around the house singing show tunes in his t-ball outfit. All part of my goal of having a well-rounded kid…

Theater saved me as a kid and I see Walker developing a confidence and love for performance that is so much fun for me, as a parent, to see unfold and flourish.

Windy O’Malley, Parent

Congratulations to you for such a wonderful show last week. Thank YOU so much for what was easily the best Jaxx show with our students. It was simply adorable and inspiring. Erin and I just LOVED LOVED the show and appreciate all you hard work and talents.

Thank YOU for such a positive experience for all. Jaxx absolutely has been a high point for our daughter and a source of happiness.

Gaby Patao, Parent

What a wonderful premiere last night. The kids were outstanding and worked sooo hard. A lovely group of parents too, thanks to you creating this nurturing environment.

Break a leg today, y’all are awesome!!!

Alis Pruitt, Parent

I want you to know that my boys, especially William, will not stop singing all the songs all the time.  He was doing the moves at Trader Joes last night with not a care as to who was watching him.  He was having a ball.  It is so great to see these kids sing like this.  I never imagined that they would be doing this.  I just wanted you to know that you guys have brought something very special to these kids, not just mine, and they are truly benefiting.  And I think when children sing, it’s a sign of a healthy society.

Amy Romeo, Parent

I know multiple parents at other schools who continually ask me about JAXX because they are not happy at all with the theatre companies their schools have for enrichment. They have asked repeatedly if they can join our enrichment class with JAXX because they’ve attended their shows and know how amazing they are with what they accomplish with the kids. It’s literally priceless. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any “better” theatre company or one that could even come close. I don’t think there exists a better company that does such a professional and outstanding job with so many kids, so many ages and such limited time and budget. Not to mention the waiting lists and popularity, which is unprecedented for any enrichment class in the history of [our school]. As my daughter has told me many times, “Mom, just sign me up for anything and everything JAXX does.

Nancy Quinones, Parent

I have a great limitation and it is the language…I would like to express my gratitude for your dedication and support of my daughter Gabriela. Hopefully, someone can help you to translate this. I liked the scenework, the sets, and the costumes very much. It is a fresh work and with great scenic fluency! I have seen the progress of my daughter and I like how she has developed. Continue ahead with this beautiful work that marks the subtle difference between education and the routine of life. Hugs to you!

Frances Rothenberg, Parent

You two are doing a wonderful thing…I heard one girl say she doesn’t know what she is going to do with herself after school because this has become so much a part of her life.

We never fully know how we touch others, do we?

Penny Specter, Parent

You have no idea how great this past week was for her confidence; it makes up for a lot and prepares her to really practice at it and take her talent seriously. It is the professionalism you mentor her with.

She is in very good and safe hands with you guys and I will always love you for opening up this world for her. I couldn’t be happier for having both of you in our lives.

Lucy SuStar, Parent

Personally I just wanted to say thank you for taking a once very shy little girl who was so petrified of getting up onstage in front of people (even in her classroom!) that she couldn’t even participate in the group holiday performance as the anxiety made her physically ill,  to how she is today…  I never would have imagined she would be at the level she is now.  I am so grateful I saw your groupon last year that got the ball rolling – She is having the time of her life.

Thanks for everything!!

Melissa Zafarana, Parent

In all the post-show chaos & glow, we didn’t say goodbye and THANK YOU!!!  You guys are truly amazing – cannot believe what you do with these kids in such a short period of time.  You know we have never done a BBC show before so this was a new experience!  Intense!  But Jeremy, your speech choked me up and took the words out of my mouth – incredible to think of Matea starting out as Card # 8 in Alice in Wonderland and looking like a deer in the headlights up there – and she has just blossomed!  I love what you all have done for her self confidence.  In theatre, there is a place for everyone 🙂  Anyway, can’t thank you all enough.  Love love love …

Melanie Manooki, High School Student

i have to say, i already miss high school musical ! it was a shame we only did it once, and there are about 30 ppl who wanted to come see it, but missed out. mr.huber, the cast from inspecting carol, friends, and family. do u think there is ANY possible way we can do it again? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE those ppl who haven’t seen it REALLLY wanted to. Plus, i’ve been getting nothing but amazing feedback on the musical. Hoover students were talking about it too. PLease, please, if u can, try to arrange another day to do this musical. we worked really hard, and its just not right to only perform once. its asking for a miracle to do the show again, but please do your best. Everyone loved the show, and people want to come see it again. thank you even if it doesn’t work out.

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