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Jaxx Theatricals’ professional and dedicated staff work privately with students from all ages, 4 – 104. Lessons may take place in the privacy of your own home on Zoom or at the Jaxx Theatre in Hollywood.

We offer private lessons and coaching sessions for: Acting, Auditioning, Voice, Choreography & Dance. Private instruction is a great way to get a ‘leg up’ on both the material for an audition AND the material once you are cast in a role. It is also a great idea to study privately even when you are NOT preparing for or playing a role, because it keeps your instrument and your skills sharp! Here is more information on our private coaching:

  • Private lessons are 60 min. in length and available as a one-time lesson or for a discount in packages of five.
  • Lessons are to be purchased online through the registration system. You will be able to select times that work best for you.
  • All cancellations must be made with 24-hour’s notice. Any lessons canceled within 24 hours will be forfeited and billed to your account in full.
  • Lesson plan, time and location (either Zoom or Jaxx Theatre only) will be mutually agreed upon between the student and the Jaxx Admin team.
  • If the student is tardy, the time cannot be made up during the lesson unless the instructor agrees.
  • Lost materials must be replaced by the student at their own expense.
  • Students may bring a tape recorder or camcorder to their session.


Acting Coaching

Sharpen your skills as an actor, break down your script, develop your character, and don’t just memorize your lines, mesmerize your lines beat by beat with a Jaxx acting coach. Available as a one-time lesson or in packages of five.

60-minute lesson $80 | Five 60-minute lessons $400

Choreography & Dance

Jaxx will choreograph your next event or help you get better at dancing! Available as a one time lesson or in packages of five. Work on your dance technique, get extra help with a routine, exercise, or be the dancing star you always wanted to be at your birthday party, bar/batmitzvah, wedding, retirement party…you name it!  We offer private coaching or choreography to nearly any form of dance you choose!

60-minute lesson $80 | Five 60-minute lessons $375

Voice Lessons

Available as a one time lesson or in packages of five. Learn correct vocal technique, train your ear to become a better singer, work on a new song you have always wanted to sing or keep your chords in tip top shape with vocal coaching.

60-minute lesson $80 | Five 60-minute lessons $375

Audition/College Prep

God, We hope YOU get it! Go over your complete audition from start to finish including walking into the room, performing the material, and saying goodbye. Jaxx instructors will give you the notes and feedback you need to feel confident! Jaxx students have attended the following top musical theatre universities: Boston Conservatory, Elon, NYU, Northwestern, Pace, Syracuse & more…

60-minute lesson $80

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours after you purchase the lesson for us to coordinate availability with our instructors. Private lessons will not be booked with less than 48 hours notice unless arranged with express permission in advance. Thank you for understanding!

Book Jaxx performers or students to perform for you or Jaxx can make YOU the STAR at your next special event! Please email us @ [email protected] for more information.