“I had the VERY REAL pleasure of seeing the Jaxx Theatricals Musical theatre School summer show last night. What a well directed, choreographed and musically directed show it was! Beautifully done!

Every child in the show had clearly been taught to treat this art form with extreme precision while always having fun and being themselves! The children ALL worked as an ensemble, no hamming it up and no ‘stars’. It was moving and delightful! Very impressive…everybody!!! This was not about individually talented kids, although they were certainly there, this was about those kids no matter their age being right where they were with everything they had learned this Summer and happily owning it all. Yes! This is the group I will recommend from now on for children who want to learn musical theatre in LA. They are a non profit company working within the school districts challenging and inspiring kids in musical theatre! Check out the awesome work they are doing and pass this along.”